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Good Governance Initiative

The Good Governance Initiative

The OSPO Alliance is built out of the OSS Good Governance Initiative (or GGI) blueprint developed by European open source organisation OW2 to help implement corporate-wide open source policies, and set up OSPOs. The methodology proposes a comprehensive approach based on five objectives (Goals) and a number of tasks (Activities) describing what steps should be implemented to build a successful OSPO.

The first release of the GGI Handbook has been published the 9th of October, 2021. Other iterations are planned to improve the content and better articulate the implementation methodology.

The PDF version can be downloaded from here: GGI Handbook (PDF), and the Resources section contains more material. You can also order a printed version of the Handbook here.

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The GGI Handbook is published under the CC-BY licence 4.0.

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